How We Help

We provide retail economic insights, data and consultancy services to organisations associated with the UK retail industry

Whether you require a one-off report for that crucial sales pitch or have an on-going need for retail insights to plan ahead... We can help.

  • Need insights for key decision making?
  • Want to save time with data mining processes?
  • Need a competitive advantage from proprietary data?
  • Require interpretation of complex data sets?
  • Want to access the very latest retail data in your field?

Who Uses Retail Economics?

retail economic consulting


  • Benchmark UK retail sales performance
  • Concise, timely and succinct retail insights
  • Forecast spending power, market performance and consumer confidence
financial retail insight reports

Financial · Legal · Property

  • Understand your client’s operating environment
  • Communicate authoritatively
  • Quickly absorb key trends and statistics with our succinct and punchy retail insight reports
retail market opportunties and solutions

Solution Providers

  • Identify market opportunities
  • Integrate actionable insight into your business
  • Secure your retail knowledge for upcoming events, meetings and sales pitches

How Else Can We Help You?

Our other services include:


Whether it’s the outlook for UK retail, impact of online retailing or how Brexit will affect your business, we present at conferences and boards.

Quick Response Services

Timely and succinct delivery of all the need-to-know retail data as and when it happens straight into your inbox.

Retail Economics Help Desk

Retail Economics’ economists are on-hand to answer your queries and support your insight teams

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