Shopper Sentiment Survey

The Retail Economics Shopper Sentiment Survey measures confidence in key areas underlying consumer spending such as personal finances, savings, job security and perceptions on the strength of the UK economy.

The Survey adds behavioural context to hard economic data and helps inform our insight into consumer trends in the retail industry.

All Shopper Sentiment Survey reports are downloadable with a

  • Expectations about personal finances
  • Changes in attitudes towards savings
  • Expenditure intentions in the coming quarter
  • Levels of credit card debt
  • Online shopper trends

Shopper Sentiment Survey April 2018

Published April 2018

A general improvement in perceptions about the economy and personal finances is likely to reflect the sharp fall in inflation and real wages resurfacing for the first time in a year. However propensity to spend remains weak with consumers appearing to have spent cautiously over the last three months which has rolled-over to their spending intentions over the next three months.

Shopper Sentiment Survey January 2018

Published January 2018

There has been a slight improvement in our shopper sentiment results this quarter with consumers expectations about their personal finances improving. That said there has been a sharp shift in the sentiment of younger consumers particularly the 18-24 age group who have grown more pessimistic about the economy and their personal finances since the previous quarter.

Shopper Sentiment Survey October 2017

Published October 2017

As personal finances come under increasing pressure consumers expectations about their personal finances have fallen further. Respondents also suggested that they have started to trade down to cheaper alternatives as well as shopping less frequently in order to better manage their finances.

Shopper Sentiment Survey July 2017

Published July 2017

Shopper sentiment weakened markedly in the last quarter according to our latest Shopper Sentiment Survey. Current and future personal finances levels of debt and spending intentions for consumers were down on last quarters levels. Against a backdrop of more challenging economic conditions the latter half of 2017 is likely to present an intriguing mix of tougher conditions.

Shopper Sentiment Survey April 2017

Published April 2017

Shopper sentiment on the performance of the economy weakened slightly in April compared with January as worries about Brexit and repayment of debts continued to dampened consumers spirits. Furthermore 38 per cent of consumers suggested that they intend to cut back on discretionary spending in the next three months.

Shopper Sentiment Survey January 2017

Published February 2017

Shopper sentiment has seen a general improvement on the previous quarter although the backdrop for households remains challenging. Our research suggests that consumers would cut back on eating out takeaways pubs and restaurants first if they felt like their personal finances were under pressure.

Shopper Sentiment Survey October 2016

Published November 2016

Overall confidence about the economy personal finances and savings has deteriorated over the last quarter. The biggest drop in confidence was seen across older consumers who are likely to be more concerned with rising costs of living.