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Retail Economics publishes quarterly UK Executive reports which draw upon a range of data sources to give you cutting edge insights that you can action within your business. 

Our UK Executive Report provides an indispensable two-page document ideal for senior management and meeting preparation. It provides a succinct snap-shot of the very latest need-to-know retail data for the month which includes a mix of the major economic indicators and retail metrics. Explore below…

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What's In This Executive Report

UK UK Executive Report
    • 2-Pager executive bullet-point narrative
    • Concise, punchy and bold substance
    • Need-to-know economic indicators
    • GDP, retail sales, consumer and business confidence, market data…
    • Footfall stats by channel
    • External retail sales data summaries: Office for National Statistics, British Retail Consortium, CBI, BDO, John Lewis, Visa and more…

What Can I Get Out Of This Report?

  • Executive Summary
    Succinct summary with quick-view page designs - Critical trends for an accurate industry overview
  • Understand key indicators
    Need-to-know summary of major economic and social indicators vital to the health of the UK retail market
  • Save time
    Save time and resources by reviewing trusted analysis of the retail industry -  Automate data mining processes by accessing numerous sources in one convenient place
  • Better workflow efficiency
    Streamline your work process - Grasp complex macroeconomic trends explained in plain English
  • Accurate view of the industry
    Our independent research provides unbiased views and opinions allowing you to form an accurate view of the sector

UK Retail Executive Report

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