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Retail Economics publishes monthly UK Retail Economic Briefing reports which draw upon a range of data sources to give you cutting edge insights that you can action within your business. 

Succinct, punchy and bold. This report focuses on the macroeconomic factors important in determining the strength of the retail sector. In-depth analysis is provided to keep you informed of the latest movements in the UK economy, vital in forming a view of the strength and trajectory of the UK retail sector.

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What's In This UK Retail Economic Briefing Report

UK UK Retail Economic Briefing
    • Summary and economic overview
    • GDP
    • Labour market statistics
    • Inflationary trends
    • Producer prices pressures
    • Consumer spending 
    • Retail sales trends
    • Prices, costs and margins
    • House prices and mortgage approvals
    • Credit market statistics
    • Consumer Confidence
    • Wage Growth and more…

What Can I Get Out Of This Report?

  • Executive Summary
    A concise overview of the UK economy - Intelligent analysis - Bold opinions. Improve your general understanding and sharpen your thinking
  • Understand the underlying economic environment
    GDP, household spending, retail sales, inflation, wage growth, credit growth, house prices, unemployment rate, consumer confidence and more
  • Interpret online shopping behaviour
    Understand impacts of online consumer behaviour, customer journey evolution and identify key opportunities arising from structural change
  • Accurate view of the industry
    Our independent research provides unbiased views and opinions interpreting how the macroeconomic environment impacts consumer and retail spending 
  • Time saving
    Automate data mining processes - Access numerous sources in one convenient place - Obtain retail market insights from a comprehensive view of the very latest data

UK Retail Economic Briefing

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