Economic Report - UK Retail Industry Outlook 2018

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Retail Economics publishes quarterly UK Retail Industry Outlook reports which draw upon a range of data sources to give you cutting edge insights that you can action within your business.

Improve your performance with in-depth analysis which draws upon our proprietary data and a range of third party sources to provide a view on forthcoming trends. Comprehensive analysis on the backdrop for households and the major factors affecting retailers’ operating environments including sourcing and operating costs. Explore below…

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What's In This UK Retail Industry Outlook Report

UK UK Retail Industry Outlook 2018
    • Future-focused insights 
    • Forthcoming impacts on household spending
    • Prospective trading environment for retailers
    • Disposable income, credit & borrowing, assets, savings, future spending trends
    • Cost pressures from rates, rents, labour, distribution, utilities and more
    • Quarterly forecasts by sector
    • Insightful forward-looking commentary and more…

What Can I Get Out Of This Report?

  • Executive Summary
    Concise narrative and need-to-know trends in the UK retail market to improve your decision making
  • Backdrop for retailers
    Bold opinions on the outlook for retailers’ operating environment focused on sourcing and operating costs against a backdrop of continual structural change
  • Backdrop for households
    Evidence-based formulation of the underlying environment facing households in the coming months: pressure on finances, confidence and unique panel-based data 
  • Strategic planning improvement
    Access predictive forecasts and trusted opinions to form actionable insights for your strategic financial planning
  • A competitive advantage
    Our authoritative analysis allows you to react ahead of your competitors to help secure your competitive advantage

UK Retail Industry Outlook

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