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Retail Economics publishes monthly UK Retail Inflation reports which draw upon a range of data sources to give you cutting edge insights that you can action within your business. 

Improve your performance with in-depth analysis which draws upon a range of third party sources to provide inflationary trends in the UK retail sector. Understand interactions between global commodity markets (oil, corn, wheat), exchange rates, contracts and hedging, and what it means for your business. As a subscriber you’ll have access to various retail reports, interactive data and analysis with category breakdowns and more. Explore below…

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What's In This UK Retail Inflation Report

UK UK Retail Inflation Report
    • Overview of UK Retail Inflation
    • Consumer inflation by category
    • Prices, costs & margins
    • Inflation benchmarks comparisons
    • Commodity prices & shipping costs
    • Exchange rates
    • External data summaries: ONS Consumer Price Index, ONS Producer Price index, BRC-Nielsen Shop Price Index, House price data
    • Factory Gate inflation and more…

What Can I Get Out Of This Report?

  • Executive summary
    Concise narrative and need-to-know trends driving UK retail inflation to help inform better investment decisions
  • Understanding of inflationary drivers
    Understanding interactions between global commodity markets, exchange rates, contracts and hedging with your customer's disposable income and spending behaviour
  • Improved strategic thinking
    Gain more confidence in identifying key macroeconomic trends that impact the dynamic factors which influence your costs, prices and margins
  • Understand inflationary trends
    Our comparison of industry inflationary measures allows you to understand retail price fluctuations allowing you to develop successful strategies to manage risk
  • Time saving
    Save time and resources by reviewing trusted inflationary analysis communicated in plain English with concise explanations, relevant charts and graphs

UK Retail Inflation Analysis

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