UK DIY & Gardening Sector Report | Overview & analysis

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Retail Economics publishes monthly Retail Sector Reports for the UK DIY & Gardening sector giving you actionable insights for your business. 

It provides in-depth analysis of the latest macroeconomic and consumer trends affecting the DIY and Gardening sector including market size estimates for: Gardening, Power Tools, Gardening Tools, Other DIY and more. Explore below…

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What's In This UK DIY and Gardening Report

UK DIY and Gardening
    • Market Share - top 10 DIY & Gardening retailers
    • Market Size estimates (£m)
    • DIY & Gardening Sales Growth by category
    • Total Spending by category (£m)
    • Online DIY & Gardening Sales (y-o-y)
    • Forecasts for 2018-2022
    • Footfall by channel and region
    • Regional Weather data and more…

What Can I Get Out Of This Report?

  • Strategic planning improvement
    Access predictive forecasts and trusted opinions to form an evidence-based strategy for your future growth and competitive advantage
  • Executive Summary
    Concise narrative and need-to-know trends in the UK DIY & Gardening market to improve your decision making
  • Time saving
    Save time and resources by reviewing trusted analysis of the sector and automate data mining processes by accessing numerous sources in one convenient place
  • Identify future trends
    Our independent economic analysis, econometric modelling and forecasts allow you to identify opportunities and effectively manage risk
  • Grasp online trends
    Understand the development of online shopping trends and evolving customer journeys to implement intelligent structural change for your competitive edge

DIY and Gardening Sector Analysis

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